Literacy Blooms -Brainy Acts

Tools to Help Kids in Thinking, Literacy, and Language Growth

Literacy Blooms Brainy Acts is foundational and evidence-based lessons for Pre-K through grade 3.

Brainy Acts: Build Your Child's Brain for Success

Building the brain can ensure a lifetime love of learning.

Brainy Acts are actions parents and families can include in their daily teaching and learning routines to build the brain, encourage language growth, and advance understanding about foundational literacy without adding clock hours.

Start Early & Stay Engaged, Makes a Difference!


Infants to 3 Years

  • Reasoning, literacy & language growth.
  • Play- Build and develop the brain.

Pre-K to Kindergarten

  • Prompt reasoning, literacy & language growth.
  • Readiness purposeful exchange of thoughts and ideas.
Stack of Books

First to Third Grade

  • Boost critical thinking.
  • Improve understanding.
  • Pave the way for successful learning.

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