Our Mission & Vision

Family reading a book

Literacy Blooms mission is to support Multi-Generational Learning by partnering with family members in the teaching and learning of Literacy: reading, thinking, writing, listening, speaking and Language Development.

The gift of literacy and language promote joy and ease of learning. Parents and families are a learner’s first teachers. Families who play, talk, read and sing with their children boost the development of literacy and language-readiness for success. Literacy Blooms listening, speaking and thinking learning essentials are brain building, practical and evidence based-prerequisites for successful and pleasurable schooling.

Literacy Blooms believes Engaged Families who determinedly interact with their children create brain building pathways-nurture cognitive development and promote openings for foundational and timeless learning.


Reading literacy, language ideas and activities in this guide brings families and educators together, embraces learner’s natural curiosity and develops the love of reading.

Promoting literacy-reading, thinking, writing, listening and speaking at home makes a difference. Reading for fun becomes a lifelong routine, schooling is easy and graduations are a given.

Why read?

  • Reading develops the imagination.

  • Reading helps you write and speak correctly.

  • Reading takes you places you have never visited.

  • Reading takes you to a time you have never experienced.

  • Reading introduces you to people you have not met.

  • Reading introduces you to new ideas.

  • Reading entertains you.

Nancy Carter Ball, my grandmother, taught,  an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Early Literacy advocates agree the most favorable time to learn to read is Pre-K through Grade Three. The teaching and learning of reading includes: talking and being listened to, reading and being read to, singing and being sung to, and guiding learners through the sensible and researched plan in Reading is Thinking.

“We Help Parents and Families Ensure the Success of Their Children as They Learn.”