—proficient reading includes critical thinking. You have taught us how to integrate reading and critical thinking—help students understand thinking is allowed.

National Head Start Association (NHSA)

Annual Conference Presentation-fifty (50) year celebration

—now we know why all teachers are reading teachers. (group reflecting-sharing of information during end of summer classes)

Catholic University District of Columbia

MD/VA/District of Columbia-Essential Reading Components: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension

—she reads more than the assigned ten minutes since you helped us find books with children who look like her.

Parent of a Reluctant Reader Student with Learning Difference

Highland Park, Illinois

I like to read in this class we get to talk about what we have read.

Language Arts Student

Great Lakes Naval Base-north of Chicago/Lake County Illinois

—you are a good teacher ma’am I teach my grandmother to speak English the way you teach me.

4th Grade Male English Language Learner

San Antonio, Texas

—let’s read and talk-ask questions and answer questions all day.

Atterberry Elementary School-Language Arts Student

Frankfurt, Germany Department of Defense (DOD)