Brainy Acts

Brainy-Acts Cover

Brainy Acts: Prepare A Child’s Mind for Success!

A learner’s mind blooms when parents, multi-generation families, educators and advocates engage, teach and learn together. As a child I cherished my time with my maternal grandmother. I asked many questions, listened, analyzed, and evaluated her answers. During our conversations grandmother planted values, shared wisdom, created vivid images and informed. She validated my importance while teaching me to think critically and problem solve. I was learning, Grandmother helped to build my brain.

In Brainy Acts, this book I target functions that the brain controls which parents, families and educators must focus upon to ensure growth of a learner’s mind.

The Vocal Brain, Literacy Brain, The Writing Brain, The Artistic Brain, The Managerial Brain, The Emotionally Intelligent Brain, The Inquisitive Brain, The Critical Brain, The Diagnostic Brain, The Strategic Brain and the Athletic Brain become well balanced if, and only if, it is built to for achievement.